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YYT/RYT-200  5-Star Rated Virtual Live Stream – Saturday’s beginning 2/26/22- 4/30/22 – 7:30AM to 4:30PM AZ

Tuition during promotion: $1,700 – Regularly $2,500

YYT/RYT-200  5-Star Rated In-Person June 17-26 – 7:30AM-4:30PM

Tuition during promotion: $2,022 – Regularly $2,900

YYT/RYT-200 is a pre-requisite for YYT/RYT-500. 

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YYT/RYT – 500 5-Star Rated Virtual Live Stream July 15th – 24th – Saturday’s beginning August 20th– October 22nd, 2022

Tuition during promotion: $2,500 – Regularly $3,400

YYT/RYT-500 In-Person Beginning Friday July 15, 2022 – Sunday July 24, 2022 – 7:30AM – 4:30PM AZ  Tuition during promotion: $2,500 – Regularly $3,400

Students may mix and match for YYT/RYT-500 Only – First 3-Days July In-Person remainder Virtual beginning 3rd week of August Virtual Training.

Promotional Discount for multiple courses: If you choose to enroll for both courses – YYT/RYT-200 and YYT/RYT-500, the price for both is $4,200 for this “A Time Such As This” special promotion available January 20 – February 26th, 2022.

Virtual and In-Person courses are exactly the same, with the same amazing teaching staff.  We can offer virtual a little lower as our costs for delivery are lower and we are passing that on to our students for this promotion.

The Difference between YYT/RYT-200 and YYT/RYT-500:

YYT/RYT-200 is all about you learning what’s needed to deliver a spectacular class that people come back to regularly.  This would include all the basics required by Yoga Alliance to receive RYT-200 Designation and then some.  Our curriculum definitely teaches the History of Yoga and the industry, however it is grounded in Jesus beginning each day with meditation and scripture.  What we hear consistently over our 16-years is that “The training is so much more than yoga.” and that “When I graduated I knew I could teach and had confidence”. 

YYT/RYT-500 is all about advancing your opportunities to teach and serve those in your community by understanding how to deliver yoga modifications to those who suffer from common chronic issues such as Trauma, PTSD,  Seniors, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiac issues, Incarcerated, Knees/Hips/Shoulders, Veterans with missing limbs.  In my experience at least half of the students in every yoga class suffer from some kind of chronic issue requiring more in-depth learning about how to truly and skillfully help students with their need for modifications.  This also opens many opportunities for high paying employment at…hospitals, senior centers, cancer centers, doctor’s offices, personal care, veteran groups and many other opportunities.  In our humble opinion every serious yoga teacher should take both courses.

Tuition Payments

One third of the total is due upon enrollment with the balance  paid  in  six  equal  no-interest monthly payments . All textbooks and other course materials are included in the cost of tuition. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. We also accept personal checks.