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Yahweh Yoga LLC Overall Rating on Yoga Alliance

My Yahweh Yoga training gave me the foundation that I needed to understand the basics of yoga. It was a well-rounded training consisting of online and hands-on while making lifelong friendships with Christian women from all over the US. I had been practicing yoga under 3 wonderful certified Yahweh yoga teachers for several years, but had no idea the training that they had completed in order to be certified or the preparation needed to lead a practice. Yahweh Yoga teacher training gave me the skill set, knowledge and confidence to lead Gentle Journey, Flow, Chair and Rest and Restorative classes in a Christian environment with Christian music. It also introduced me to Hot Yoga, essential oils, raw foods, healthy living lifestyles, yamas and niyamas, mudras, meditation, anatomy, development of an appropriate playlist, Yoga Code of conduct, training techniques and business structure. I have returned home and am currently sharing the teaching role in our church’s yoga ministry providing our current teachers with relief as well as looking at additional opportunities to expand our current yoga offerings.
~ Pat Morris
#‎TBT to when I finally found an RYS (yoga teacher training) that met both my physical yogini needs and my spiritual needs that spring from a heart for God.This school didn’t even exist when I first began taking yoga (2003), & then I had to teach out of necessity when our teacher left! (I had been through an intense program, but not RYS…so I kept studying everything I could until the day I opened a Yoga mag and saw an advertisement for the Yahweh Yoga training…& my practice and my life were changed.) These ladies know their yoga–& they love their yoga. (& by that I mean, you wanna go in depth? Deeper than asana, with an honoring of the tradition, & focus on all parts of yoga, not just asana? You have that here. They were the first Christ-focused RYS recognized by the Yoga Alliance, & now Yahweh Yoga is recognized as a style of yoga, next to Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, etc on the YA website!) They love their God and want to give Him glory in all they do…and they have created an atmosphere of Love and Grace and Worship by His Grace & presence.I have been feeling nostalgic as one of my former students will be getting training with them soon. (& a wee bit envious. :-)) I didnt even know I could have a mobile yoga studio until @yahwehyoga1 , much less the tangible & intangible experiences and learning I had with them then and since!Because of them, I created Vessels of Clay Yoga in 2009 (now Vessels of Clay Yoga/Health/Fitness), & had a business model to follow & encouragement to dream… and help others experience the joy and refreshment of yoga, & Christ-focused/Faith Focused yoga!!! If you are looking to get your 200 or 500 RYT, & want an amazing life-changing experience…please contact my hardworking, deep breathing, asana flowing, spirit honoring sisters & brothers in Christ over at Yahweh in Chandler, AZ.or you just want some really good yoga, good workshops, or a chill retreat– they are that!They have NO IDEA that I am posting this. It‘s all in love.
~Robyn Hurst

Teacher training at Yahweh Yoga provides space and direction to help you deepen your spiritual and physical practice along with practical instruction to help you guide others into doing the same. This training changed my life and my practice. ~Ryan Honeycutt
Teacher training at Yahweh Yoga is challenging, inspiring and quite possibly one of the best things you will ever do. My walk with the Lord strengthened, my knowledge and my practice deepened as I learned how to teach, and a fresh fire to share Jesus was kindled during my time at Yahweh Yoga. I am grateful every single day as I have the privilege to teach others what I learned in this amazing place. Thank you Yahweh Yoga from the bottom of my heart. ~Sheri McCoy Sansom
I felt very prepared to teach when I graduated from YY. From Courtney breaking down every posture and leading her fun classes that showcased her full-of-life personality to Deanna giving us a vision for our business and patiently breaking down a pattern for our classes , I learned that with those basics, scripture, a great playlist(!), and Jesus as our guide, we can use YY to bless so many with all yoga has to offer. Thank you for your diligence. ~Judy Orsborn
I became a Christian style yoga teacher and fulfilled an 8 year dream, under the tutelage of Courtney and Deanna. Their knowledge and ability to teach YY with love, strength, and support created the possibility of achieving my goal . Always and forever grateful. ~Jan Armstrong
Yahweh Yoga is not only highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced, but this school also taught me to begin to respect who I was as a child of God. Letting the light of God’s love into my life, I began to change and grow and finally move away from a painfully toxic relationship. I’m so grateful that now, as a teacher, I have the opportunity to be able to help to lead others toward God’s love. It is my goal for every class I teach to be the conduit of God’s love my teachers at Yahweh Yoga were to me. ~Jane McCauley
Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Program revolutionized my yoga practice.It helped me combine my religous soul to my physical form. More than that, it made me a better, more compassionate human being. Courtney and Deanna opened their arms and hearts to me and the other students, and it became, for me, a second home and family. The program itself was efficiently designed, and was an immersion into Christian yoga. Focusing not only on poses, breathing, and anatomy but also on meditation, community and understanding of God’s Word. Training felt comprehensive without feeling overwhelming. They are very understanding about non-yoga commitments and non-Christians without judgment or negativity. The program has augmented my yoga practice and helped me on the path of being a yogi and a teacher, and was one of the most positive experiences of my life.” Thank you and Love you guys. ~Aj Exton
I received my yoga teacher training from Yahweh Yoga and consider it to be one of the pivotal moments in my life. Courtney, DeAnna, and the entire staff are both professional and loving. Anytime I come back to AZ, I try to take as many classes as possible – I can’t get enough! Would recommend this studio, the classes, and the teacher training program to anyone! ~Pam C.
LOVE this studio! The teachers are all wonderful people that make you feel very welcome and take good care of you! Every class is a real learning experience- it’s NEVER “just going through the motions”. The teachers help you build upon your practice with every class. The classes are diverse, the environment is soothing, and of course the prayer/Christian music/bible verse part really readies you for the practice. Spiritual and practical growth are going to happen, no matter what! ~Ali Hansen Coffey
It’s a beautiful school, so centered on god yet equipping you to actually teach yoga anywhere, I loved everything about it. And would Love to go back for the 500hr to get deeper education. ~Emma Anderson
I LOVE Yahweh Yoga! The training is amazing, the studio teachers are all different and wonderful. What a class act! I recommend them to all. ~Michelle Hess
I love this place! Peaceful full of love and Christ.. They make u feel like home here.. :))) ~Tracy Moeck-Martin
I love Yahweh yoga because I was empowered to courageously take risks. I saw myself grow in strength physically, mentally and spiritually. The teachers are top notch and the program has prepared me to empower others. I would recommend this organization to anyone! ~Marci Blackshear
Deanna and Courtney,
As I think fondly of Yahweh Yoga, it brings a smile to my face
15 days with beautiful women and fully experiencing His Amazing Grace!
It was emotional, it was intense,
It was great fun, rewarding and filled with God’s presence.
We certainly learned about yoga but God was always the core
Days were filled with Scripture, anatomy, meditation, yoga practice and more.
We focused on the Fruits of the Spirit…among many other truths
With much love and guidance from Deanna and Courtney, miracles happened in that room.
Jesus was so obviously present and we all shared our hearts
In our safe and healing environment of which we were all a big part.
We studied, we worshipped, we celebrated, we prayed.
Our bodies, minds and spirits were nurtured by Jesus, by whom our sins have been paid.
We learned about Yamas and Niyamas—every topic was important…none to discount.
Among which, the self talk chatter was paramount.
Deanna and Courtney led us down a deep spiritual journey and path
I learned to surrender…that Jesus wants me to do exactly that.
I love yoga
I’ve always loved yoga
But now I love it more
And now when I attend a class, I hear Deanna and Courtney nudging me to settle into my mat, not the floor.
I now notice that my arms are straight, my legs are strong
My shoulder blades are engaged and my neck is long
My body awareness has grown by leaps and bounds
I’m spiraled and looped even if I’m upside down.
Starting with a strong foundation, my toes are widely spread
Creating a firm stance aligning my feet to my head
Most bewildering of all is that it has come to the point
Where my feet now habitually find their “floint”!
Being conscious of my Drishti for focus and balance
And also mindful of the direction of my gaze in a strong warrior stance
I have an internal smile and feel so much delight
Flowing through a chaturanga as I hover just right.
Remembering to invite my breath in through my nose and out through my mouth
The breath of de-stress is always felt throughout.
The “seat of the teacher”…such an incredibly special place–
An honor, a privilege as we give Him praise!
With much love,

~Christie Somes
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