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Arm Balances with Ai Sullivan

When February 22th, 5-7pm Where Yahweh Yoga in Chandler Cost $20 What Come expand and explore your arm balance and inversion practice with Ai Sullivan! Show up to this all levels workshop without judgment to honor your body and learn to fly gracefully with proper alignment in a safe and nurturing environment. She’ll show you how and when to add arm balances safely into your flow practice! Be INSPIRED, not intimidated!

Spring Cleanse

When April 1st – 30th, 2014 Cost $30 for 30 days What Dear Friends: Let’s Purify, Detoxify and Unite… Join us in our 30-Day Juice and Salad Only Cleanse! Honor system – Remember Jesus is watching Receive a Juice recipe and salad recipe each day Details Our recipes are filled with love by DeAnna Smothers and Courtney Chalfant. These recipes are from our new cleanse/recipe book being released in 2013. We’ve made our recipes for people like us, who are […]

“Living on Live Food” Chef Certification @ Yahweh Yoga

Take your health to the next level… begin a new career in wellness. Delicious, Gourmet, Raw Food meals included! When April 12th, 2014 What Become a Raw Food Chef! Level 1 Chef: Living on Live Food Chef Certification Course $150.00 This course is our fundamental course that will teach you the basics of the raw food diet through the teachings of the Living on Live Food plan. In this class you will learn: What a raw and living food diet […]

Advanced Arm Balances Workshop with Jenn Chiarelli

When April 19th, 4-6pm Where Yahweh Yoga in Chandler Cost $25 What Have you ever wanted to fly? Have you ever wanted to learn how to get into that arm balance that looks impossible? Have you wished you had more time in your flow practice to figure them out? Sometimes arm balances and inversions can be intimidating and confusing. Join Jenn in this 2-Hour workshop and have the mysteries revealed! Jenn will break down some of the arm balances and […]

Inversions with Elinore Cohen: Flipping Our World Upside Down

When June 28th, 12-2pm Where Yahweh Yoga in Chandler Cost $25 What In the Inversions: Flipping Our World Upside Down and Seeing Everything From a New Perspective Workshop, we’ll give the feet and legs a much needed rest and see the world in a new light. Because practicing inversions regularly stimulates the metabolism and your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins, lightening you physically as well as mentally – inversions truly are some of the most beneficial asanas in our […]

Harmonious Hips with Elinore Cohen

When June 27th, 5-7pm Where Yahweh Yoga in Chandler Cost $25 What The activities and stress of our daily lives can often lead to tightness and discomfort in our hips. But, in this workshop our specifically focused practice on easing that tension and cultivating hip flexibility and strength will bring you to joy and bliss. If you are interested in exploring ways to improve hip mobility or simply deepen your yoga practice, then this workshop is for you.

Advanced Arm Balances with Elinore Cohen

When June 28th, 4-6pm Where Yahweh Yoga in Chandler Cost $25 What Where do you go from Crow? Join Elinore for a fun, challenging exploration of advanced arm balances! This workshop also includes transitions between multiple arm balances, as well as into and out of advanced arm balances by way of inversions and MORE! Move with ease and grace through challenging arm balances and take flight in this joyous, empowering flow experience!

2014 Retreat!

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to our next retreat location at Shambala Petit Hotel, located on the South Beach of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is like no other place for total peace and relaxation. It draws people from all walks of life including those who love the yoga lifestyle, stars and all of us with busy lives who want to dial it back, get off the grid and just relax. We went there last year and have been yearning to return.  The weather is amazing, the […]