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Online 70-Hour Program


YYT-70 Online Program Information

Tuition: $600


Pre-requisite for YYT-500-RYT-500 Post Graduate Program. You may not teach at the 70-Hour level if you take the 70-Hour Online Program as a stand-alone program.

Participates taking this course want to further their career by having this pre-requisite completed so they can move forward to earn the distinguished credentials inherent in Yahweh Yoga’s YYT-500/RYT-500 Post Graduate Program.

This program offers the same online curriculum as the YYT-100 Online Program, however, it does not include personal phone calls and instruction or final teach.



Online Portion Begins: January 5
3-Day Retreat: March 23 – 25
Online Portion Begins: April 6
3-Day Retreat: June 22 – 24
Online Portion Begins: July 13
3-Day Retreat: September 20 – 22


Online Portion Begins: January 4
3-Day Retreat: March 22, 23, 24
3-Day Retreat: June 21 – 23
Online Portion Begins: July 12
3-Day Retreat: September 20 – 22