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Yahweh Yoga Licensed Private Post Secondary Education and Yoga Alliance Accredited

200-Hour YYT/RYT Graduate Program Information

Become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) & Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT-200)

If you dream of becoming a sought-after credentialed Yahweh Yoga instructor, our YYT-250/RYT-200 program may be for you! Just like others who have been certified through Yahweh Yoga's courses, you'll find the training empowering, transformational and centered in Christ.

How the YYT-250/RYT-200 Program Works

Yahweh Yogas comprehensive 250 hour Master Program includes:

  • The user-friendly 70-Hour Online Teacher Training Program (Yes, you can experience community during this online training!) that is a pre-requisite for YYT-500/RYT-500.
  • A 15-Day retreat at the Yahweh Yoga Academy Studio in Chandler, Arizona. The retreat totals 180 hands-on hours which Yoga Alliance requires in order for you to qualify for RYT status.
  • An option to take the online portion first or the retreat first, whichever works for your schedule. The dates are interchangeable. Please see our schedule below.
  • The credentials necessary to make you eligible for designation as a Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT) and as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance (YA) upon completion of the program.
What to Expect from Yahweh Yoga's Teacher Training

As a result of graduating from the 250-Hour Master Program training you can expect to:

  • Enrich your personal relationship with God.
  • Gain knowledge, tools, expertise, and experience as a professional yoga instructor who encourages others to practice safe yoga.
  • Increase your confidence, because youll earn credentials as both a Yahweh Yoga (YYT) teacher and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), giving you an edge for future employment opportunities.
  • Discover authentically healthy lifestyle principles and ways to apply new habitsbased on these principlesto your life.
  • Enjoy eating and learning about delicious and nutritious organic food.
What does the 250-Hour Master Program curriculum include?

The Retreat

Please Note: You may take your 15-Day Retreat in 15 consecutive get-it-done days OR divide your 15-Day Retreat into two sessions: (see schedule tab further down page for reference)

  • The first session would be the first 8-Days of any posted 15-day Retreat
  • The second session would the second 7-Days of any posted 15-Day Retreat

Learning Modules

As a 250-Hour Master student, you will participant in eight modules, receiving valuable instruction in the following areas during your 15-Day Retreat.

  • Module 1: Christian Style Yoga - Philosophy
  • Module 2: Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Module 3: Business Development & Post Graduate Support
  • Module 4: Yoga History and Industry
  • Module 5: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Module 6: Alignment and Postures
  • Module 7: Teaching Methodology/Philosophy
  • Module 8: 15-Day Arizona Learning Experience
Why would you choose Yahweh Yoga?

    Yahweh Yoga Training

  • Is grounded in the Word of God and designed to draw you as a participant into deeper intimacy with the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit.)
  • Offers you accreditation as a Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT-250) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), which has a nationally recognized reputation for providing excellence in education, insuring that you and your future students will stay safe and avoid injury in their practice of yoga. YYT Training qualifies you for professional liability insurance.
  • Has convenient online course work that is designed for community and technical simplicity. You can go online anytime that fits your schedulewhether during the day or night.
  • Provides a sanctuary for you to de-stress, quiet your mind and connect with God through yoga and healthy living at the 15-day training retreat. At this Arizona learning experience you'll enjoy classes with a personal chef who creates delicious organic plant based cuisine. You'll gain a state-of-the-art education in healthy eating and leave with recipes to use in your home and with your students.
  • Gives you the opportunity, expertise and support to experience ongoing growth in your life resulting in a greater sense of well being that you can share with your students, family and friends.
  • Offers the opportunity for you to become a certified Raw Food Chef.
  • Offers you credentials to qualify for YYT-500/RYT-500 status
Who takes YYT-250/RYT-200 Graduate Program training?

People who appreciate this 250-hour yoga teacher training want:

  • A convenient approach to earning RYT status from both Yoga Alliance and Yahweh Yoga.
  • To live a healthy lifestyle and explore the deeper spiritual, mental and physical aspects of Christian style yoga.
  • To take their personal yoga practice to a new level, building confidence in their ability to teach and deliver exceptional classes to both Christian and secular groups.
  • To find their own teaching voice/style and gain the tools to deliver inspiring and safe yoga classes in various settings whether it is in churches, studios, YMCA's, gyms, community centers, corporate environments, schools, or private teaching.
  • A nurturing and skilled team of professional teachers and coaches to help them develop as both a yoga teacher and as a healthy and caring individual.
  • To join a community of Christ-centered yoga practitioners and develop life-long friendships.
  • To become eligible and have all the pre-requisites necessary for YYT-500/RYT-500 Post Graduate Program.
What is the Master Program Schedule?

To become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) & Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT-250) at the Master Program level, you may choose from the dates below. (Please Note:You may take either the Online portion or 15-Day Arizona Retreat first. All dates posted are interchangeable to work with your personal schedule.)

If you wish to divide your 15-Day retreat into 2 Sessions, simply select the first 8-days of any posted schedule for the first session, and the second 7-days of any posted schedule for the second session.


Online Portion: January 5 - March 15
15-Day Retreat: March 23 - April 6
Online Portion: April 6 - June 13
15-Day Retreat: June 22 - July 6
Online Portion: July 13 - September 21
15-Day Retreat: September 21 - October 5


Online Portion: January 4 - March 14
15-Day Retreat: January 18 - February 1
15-Day Retreat: April 12 - April 26
15-Day Retreat: June 21 - July 5
Online Portion: July 12 - September 17
15-Day Retreat: September 20 - October 4

What do you need to know about the financial investment involved with taking the 250-Hour Master Program training?

Tuition - $3,300

Tuition for the Master Program is $3,300, which includes not only excellent online and in-person instruction and interaction on the topics designated in the modules list, but your books, teaching materials and all organic vegetarian meals (3 per day) at the 15 Day Retreat.

Tuition does not include travel or accommodations (accommodations average $45 per day, please read our FAQ page for more information)

Tuition payment plans are available through Yahweh Yoga. Our standard payment plan is 1/3 down at the time of enrollment; 1/3 in the middle of your chosen program and 1/3 prior to graduation of the program you have selected. You can also pay all at once or in 2 payments; 1st payment on/before start date and second payment at halfway point.

Student loans for the tuition, travel and accommodations costs are available. For student loans please contact:
Mountain America Credit Union: Alison Watson, Branch Manager
Email: awatson@macu.com
Phone: (602) 266.6120

The way Student Loans work is that you pay interest only (approximately $30/35 per month) until six-months after graduation at which time you will begin paying principal at approximately $100 per month. In almost every state this is tax deductible.

Yahweh Yoga is MYCAA Eligible. Spouses of any branch of the Armed Forces (except Coast Guard) who are on active duty can qualify for up to $4,000 to attend any Yahweh Yoga Teacher Trainings. For those who wish to qualify, please check with MyCAA for eligible pay grades.

To Register

To obtain registration information, as well as to register, please contact us today! Ask for your enrollment agreement and course catalog.


Refunds are regulated by the State of Arizona Private Post Secondary Education division and stated in our catalog, which you will receive upon enrollment. If we may further assist you please contact us courtney@yahwehyoga.com or call 480.961.5429.


Yahweh Yoga has a special arrangement with a vacation rental home agency. The average price per night for these lovely homes is $45. The entire 15-night stay is approximately $750 (includes cleaning deposit) The vacation home rentals are in charming neighborhoods, have 3 or 4 bedroom/2 baths with swimming pool and are completely furnished down to the forks and knives. Each student in the luxury homes has a private bedroom.

Auto rental

Car rentals average $60 per person for the entire 15-day stay since most students, in groups of 3-5, rent one car together.

Retreat Location

Yahweh Yoga's Studio and Teacher Training Academy is located about 20 minutes outside Phoenix. For most students a shuttle brings them directly to the vacation home. Then you share the auto rental with your housemates. YY Graduates take the shuttle back to the airport. So, your traveling journey will be relatively simple.

Take the intentional action step to make your Christian Yoga dream become a reality and REGISTER NOW!