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Yahweh Yoga has been featured in the following media:

lululemon in California

Yahweh Yoga graduate Khamry Ker models for lululemon in Brentwood, California. Congratulations Khamry!

lululemon Ambassadors for Chandler Store

Two Yahweh Yoga graduates chosen as lululemon Ambassadors for new Chandler Store. Congratulations to Courtney Chalfant and Tamara Bushel!

Ambassador Whistler Summit

Yahweh Yoga Co-Founder Courtney Chalfant chosen to attend lululemon Summit in Whisler, Canada April 25, 2012!. Each year lululemon chooses 70 athletic influencers who inspire others to attend their annual Summit. These 70 top athletes are chosen from more than 1,000 lululemon Ambassadors worldwide. Only 2 were chosen from the western region, which includes 5 states, Courtney Chalfant and Alex Austin. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your inspiration.

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