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Sarah Young Devotional

Peace be with you! Ever since the resurrection, this has been My watchword to those who yearn for Me. Please sit quietly, let My Peace settle over you and enfold you in My loving Presence. Receive My Peace abundantly and thankfully. My Peace is a rare treasure, dazzling in delicate beauty, yet strong enough to withstand all onslaughts. Wear My Peace with regal dignity. It will keep your heart and mind close to Mine. I will never leave you or […]

New!!! “Living on Live Food” Chef Certification @ Yahweh Yoga

Take your health to the next level! Begin a new career in wellness….Student Loans Available Through Yahweh Yoga, contact us for more information. Level 1 – Chef – April 28th, 2012 Living on Live Food Chef Certification Course $125.00 Become a Raw Food Chef This course is our fundamental course that will teach you the basics of the raw food diet through the teachings of the Living on Live Food plan. In this class you will learn: What a raw […]

Living Waters: Strength in Faith and Friendship Among Yahweh Yoga Grads

They say there’s strength in numbers. A talented group of Yahweh Yoga graduates in Grosse Pointe, MI is finding strength in their numbers; and so much more. God drew seven women, all from the same vicinity, to train at Yahweh Yoga. Together, they formed Living Waters Yoga, a growing, thriving Christian yoga business and ministry. The women, Melissa Gray, Ashley Getz, Marna Getz, Heidi Bronwyn, Sarah Holder, YonSon Compton and Myreya Amezcua, draw strength in their pursuits from the Lord–and […]

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Inspiration by Sarah Young

Devotional from: Psalm 37:7; Romans 8:16-17; 1 Peter 2:9 “Lay quietly in My Presence while I bless you. Make your mind like a still pool of water, ready to receive whatever thoughts I drop into it. Do not wear yourself out by worrying about whether you can cope with the pressures of life, for surely you can. Keep looking to Me and communicating with Me, as we walk through this day and everyday together. Take time to rest by the […]

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Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils? An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled (most frequently by steam or water) from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant. Essential oils, contrary to the use of the word “oil” are not really oily-feeling at all. Most essential oils are clear, but some oils such as patchouli, orange and lemongrass are amber or yellow in color. Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant it was […]

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Graduate Story: Myreya Amezcua

Myreya Amezcua: Connecting with God and Others Through Christian Yoga Yahweh Yoga Graduate and Owner of Connections Yoga, Grosse Pointe, MI Myreya Amezcua, recent Yahweh Yoga graduate, never dreamed she would teach Christian yoga. It wasn’t part of her original plan. But it was part of God’s plan for her. Myreya’s regular yoga practice at a local studio exposed her to philosophical concepts she eventually found distracting–and in conflict with–her beliefs as a Christian. An internet search on “Christian yoga” […]

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Inspiration From Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling

When things seem to be going all wrong, stop and affirm your trust in Me. Calmly bring these matters to Me, and leave them in My capable hands. Then, simply do the next thing. Stay in touch with Me through thankful, trusting prayers, resting in My presence. Be at peace. A Sarah Young Devotional from Jesus Calling available on Amazon.com You can find health and peace at Yahweh Yoga, Let’s take the time to tune out distractions by practicing a […]

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Why Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

Let’s be real; living a good, healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work for a long time. Then that lifestyle kicks into habit. When it becomes habit, you still must choose consciously, but the degree of difficulty minimizes over time, as it becomes second nature. The personal rewards for living a healthy lifestyle are so incredibly enjoyable and essential to a wonderful life that it’s worth the hard work it requires. First Corinthians 9:24-27 describes what it takes when […]

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Graduate Story: Robyn Hurst

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher? I had been practicing and teaching (and loving) yoga for several years, and I wanted to share how wonderful it is with my Christian friends who might not otherwise experience it…When I first began practicing Christian yoga, I went through the same questioning that many Christians do. Luckily, God was faithful to answer my prayers. He assured me that not only was practicing yoga okay, but in many ways, it […]

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Yahweh Yoga’s Inspiring Devotional Selections

SIT QUIETLY IN MY PRESENCE while I bless you. Make your mind like a still pool of water, ready to receive whatever thoughts I drop into it. Rest in My sufficiency, as you consider the challenges this day presents. Do not wear yourself out by worrying about whether you can cope with the pressures. Keep looking to Me and communicating with Me, as we walk through this day together. Take time to rest by the wayside, for I am not […]

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A Perfect Raw (mostly) / Vegan Food Plan for Radiant Health

I’m beginning to view pursuing radiant health as something that is really fun and challenging, instead of “work”. Being radiantly healthy is much different that being pretty healthy, it makes you literally glow from the inside out and that means we shine more for Him. I’ve been so taken lately by Matthew 5:13 which says “Let me tell you why you are here. Here’s another way to put it: “You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the […]

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Graduate Story: Marie Powers

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher? In 2007, I started on a journey toward life transformation. After years of pills, potions, diets, and exercise plans, I still weighed 298 pounds. Everything I tried in the past had failed me. I lost weight, but it always came back with a few extra pounds. This time, I decided to try some new avenues and be open to new ideas. This time it was going to be a lifestyle […]

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Becoming Friends with Time

“To love life is to love time. Time is the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin This quote from Benjamin Franklin intrigues me. Living in harmony with time. Agreeing not to compete against time. Becoming friends with time. What a relief-filled possibility! A colleague surprised me recently when she said, “I’m in the process of changing my philosophy about time and work—and beginning to think that maybe fulfillment and success are not found in keeping my nose to the […]

Nut Milks: So Delicious!!

Hello Friends, Before discussing the amazing benefits of nut milks I would just like to say hope you are all doing well and to thank you for all your comments and notes on the new Healthy Living section. I was really touched by the fact that some of you have been listening to The Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind” CD/DVD series for a long time; I was touched because I realized that those of you who have and continue […]

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Graduate Story: Dawn Jones

Why did you decide to become a christian yoga teacher? My desire to teach Christian yoga came to the surface only after I attended a secular yoga retreat in Mexico several years ago. I had booked the trip as a birthday gift to myself. I never desired to teach, but only to learn from well known teachers and leaders in the field so I could grow in my personal yoga practice. So, I signed up for a retreat with the […]

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Healthy Living: Water

As someone who studies health for a living, the subject of water and what kind is healthy comes up a lot. Below I have a study by a highly respected scientist for you to read and determine yourself. Personally, let me just say to those of you drinking from plastic bottles…you’re killing yourselves for goodness sake! It is widely known that dioxins are deadly and in all drinking water from plastic bottles and/or heating things in the microwave or freezing […]

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Calming Self Doubt

by Joan C Webb Doubts About Failure–or Success? Have you ever suspected that you (or a loved one) are not only a little afraid of failure, but apprehensive of success, as well? I have. Self-doubt and the related thoughts and behaviors are no fun for us in today’s economic atmosphere. Neither were they for those who lived when Jesus walked the earth. Exhausted and discouraged from working (fishing) all night with no success, Simon and his crew decided to take […]

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Graduate Story: Mary Beth Senechel

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher? Because I love the healing and physical benefits of yoga and to have it intertwined with my Christian faith was a perfect match. What has practicing Christian Yoga meant to your relationship with God? It draws me closer to him, not only during my practice, but also outside of my practice, by bringing more of His presence into my life on a daily basis. What benefits do you receive by […]

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Graduate Story: Kim Dumas

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher? I became a Christian yoga teacher basically because I felt absolutely called to! It is not in my nature to be in front of people so for me to have this overwhelming desire- I know it has to be from God. I have found so much peace in my own practice. I have drawn closer to God on my mat than anywhere else. I have learned so many lessons about […]

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Making “The Shift” to a Healthy Lifestyle

Treasured Friends, For years healthy living has been a passion of mine, yet it took years for me to actually make “The Shift” to permanently live a healthy lifestyle. During these years I have studied and gained much knowledge about what real health actually is according to state-of-the-art experts I admire in the fields of health. I also cured myself of breast cancer naturally, without surgery, chemo, drugs and the like by implementing what I learned and now as I […]

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