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YYT (Yahweh Yoga Teacher)

E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance)

Certified Raw Food Chef

Life Coach

DeAnna Smothers

Yahweh Yoga Co-Founder

DeAnna began Yahweh Yoga in 2005 with her beloved daughter, Courtney Chalfant. DeAnna has been practicing Christ-centered yoga for more than 25 years.

DeAnna teaches ethics, nutrition, and teaching methodology in Yahweh Yoga’s Certified Christian Yoga Training program. She loves her students and enjoys making each class a time for students to experience deep peace as they learn. DeAnna’s solemn prayer is that her teaching will help her students become confident and professional and return to their communities ready to minister inspirational Christian yoga classes.

In her two and a half decades of practice, DeAnna has studied many respected yoga teachers including Brian Kest, Seane Corn, Ian Lopatin and Bikram Choudhury. Her studio classes are attended by all ages and fitness levels and are enjoyed for their ability to de-stress, peace out and get sweaty. DeAnna brings this extensive studio knowledge to her CCYT classes to help future teachers grow.

DeAnna believes that Christian yoga gives students an experience that resonates at a heart, mind, and body level.



YYT (Yahweh Yoga Teacher)

E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance)

Certified Raw Food Chef

Life Coach

Courtney Chalfant

Yahweh Yoga Co-Founder

Courtney and her mother, DeAnna Smothers, were called by God to start Yahweh Yoga in 2005.

As the instructor for all postures, breathing, and Christian meditation for the Certified Christian Yoga Teacher accreditation, Courtney challenges her students to ever-higher levels of personal performance in their yoga practice. She calls this “challenging students from a place of love.”

People who know Courtney call her “Sunshine.” She loves creating an experience where mental calmness, physical strength and spiritual presence come together to create inner-peace. Courtney is inspired by some of her favorite teachers, including Brian Kest , Seane Corn, John Friend, Kathryn Budig, Ian Lopatin and Shiva Rae.

Courtney is the posture model for Yahweh Yoga’s book, Christian Yoga: Restoration for Body and Soul. She believes that God helps her teach those lessons that she also needs.



Author, Christian Yoga: Restoration for Body and Soul

Jennifer Zach

Spiritual Director, Yahweh Yoga Advanced Studies Program

Jenni Zach’s Christian Yoga Philosophy training for the Yahweh Yoga Advanced Studies program sets the gold standard worldwide for those wishing to teach yoga centered in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jenni is committed to sound doctrine and biblical truth in providing a Christ-centered framework for the practice of Christian yoga. Before authoring our book, Christian Yoga: Restoration for Body and Soul, Jenni researched for a year to ensure that everything in the book is aligned with the Word of God.

Since her teen years Jenni has been involved in Christian leadership through Christian camps, youth ministry, Sunday school and women’s ministry. She writes a regular monthly column in the spiritual section of the Ahwatukee Foothills News and has served as a Director of Women’s Ministry at her church in Phoenix.

Regardless of Jenni’s extensive biblical knowledge, she continues to gain inspiration from Yahweh Yoga students.



E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

Certified Anusara Teacher

Christy Burnette

Anatomy and Physiology Director, Yahweh Yoga Advanced Studies Program

Christy Burnette is renowned throughout the U.S. for her skill, knowledge and application of anatomy and physiology as it pertains to yoga.

Christy’s background is in sports rehabilitation and personalized training for people of all levels of mobility. As a Certified Anusara Teacher, Christy travels nationwide offering in depth Yoga Therapy Trainings, workshops, and retreats. Christy’s approach is based on her strong understanding of body movement and alignment, which is strengthened by her passion in offering both physical and emotional support for students.

In every class, Christy implores her students to “Be the lump of clay and the sculpture too: a Universe of unlimited potential.” She believes that every Christian yoga teacher has a message to share with the world that is far larger than simply aligning parts of the body.

Christy takes the complex subjects of Anatomy and Physiology and makes them understandable for students. She is committed to excellence and has a loving approach toward her students. Christy loves watching her students grasp their own abilities to love and heal others.



E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

B.A. in Theatre from ASU

John Salisbury

John was inspired to begin his yoga journey in 1995 after reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananada. His step-father, Dave Oliver, had been practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system for some time and mentored John into becoming the teacher he is today. Having a very active background in athletics and movement, John knows it takes discipline and determination to realize one’s Self and potential. He has traveled to India to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and has a refreshing outlook between old-world tradition and new-world inspiration. John has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since 2000, in which he has helped open multiple yoga studios, participated in several teacher-training programs, and currently teaches workshops throughout the country. His current teaching residence is in Scottsdale with the LifePower Yoga studios, in which he is working closely with yoga master Jonny Kest to help create and run the teacher training program being offered across the country for Life Time Fitness.

He has taught at the Scottsdale Anti-Aging, Wellness & Yoga Festival, the Flagstaff Yoga Festival, EMPOWER! Fusion master classes, co-taught at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park and Miami’s Art of Vinyasa Conference.



RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Certified Raw Food Instructor

Healthy Living Coach

Angel Denton

Angel Denton combines her passion for education, natural health, fitness and nutrition with her love for Christ. She uses holistic approaches such as nutritional consultation, assessment and direction, education and instruction in raw foods, yoga, qi gong, healing herbs, prayer and encouragement.

Angel Denton is a Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 hour RYT , Member of Yoga Alliance, Living on Live Foods Level I &II Chef and Instructor, received a Certificate of Completion in Nutritional Consulting, is trained in Five Element Medical Qi Gong-a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has her Certificate in Healing Herbs.