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Healthy Living: Water

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As someone who studies health for a living, the subject of water and what kind is healthy comes up a lot. Below I have a study by a highly respected scientist for you to read and determine yourself. Personally, let me just say to those of you drinking from plastic bottles…you’re killing yourselves for goodness sake! It is widely known that dioxins are deadly and in all drinking water from plastic bottles and/or heating things in the microwave or freezing […]

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Making “The Shift” to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Treasured Friends, For years healthy living has been a passion of mine, yet it took years for me to actually make “The Shift” to permanently live a healthy lifestyle. During these years I have studied and gained much knowledge about what real health actually is according to state-of-the-art experts I admire in the fields of health. I also cured myself of breast cancer naturally, without surgery, chemo, drugs and the like by implementing what I learned and now as I […]

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