Welcome to Yahweh Yoga Studio and Teaching Academy!

Class Descriptions

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  • Our class schedule is designed to accommodate the rhythm of your life and to assist you in making your mind, body, soul health a priority.
  • All of our teachers are Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (ERYT) and/or Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and Yahweh Yoga is a licensed Private Post Secondary Education Institution with the State of Arizona ensuring your safety.
  • We completely agree with leading doctors and fitness professionals who recommend that each of us need to take an hour a day to exercise, at least 5-days per week to obtain and maintain your health and fitness. Also, we agree that the 5-days per week should include a combination of classes designed for relaxation, stretching, cardio, muscle strengthening and for some…deep detoxifying sweat. Yahweh Yoga’s mission is to provide you with a variety of classes at times most convenient for those living and working in our Chandler community so you can accomplish your 5-days per week.
  • We begin all of our classes relaxing in peace, breathing and hearing an encouraging Scripture from the Bible and/or a short devotional from Jesus Calling..
  • All of our classes include an awesome surround-sound musical experience by top Christian and clean secular artists, which delivers a quiet, peaceful and encouraging experience in a studio created for peace and calm. Complete with dimmed lights and candlelight to de-stress your mind, body and soul we provide a space for you to unwind and grow.
  • We encourage you to choose classes that meet your needs and not try too much too soon. The number one reason people have a problem keeping a regular exercise regime is that they start out too hard and get too sore, especially if they are new to exercise. Yoga goes deep. Ease into your practice. It is agreed by most health and fitness experts that yoga is simply the most perfect exercise modality for us humans.
  • The most important element of keeping a regular practice is that you choose classes that are right for you that particular day/week, but each person needs to have a “time of the day” devoted to one hour of exercise. See what works for you below and try to exercise one- hour -5 times per week…mix it up with various classes..be kind and smart with yourself as you begin and then challenge yourself as you become stronger.
  • If you are an athlete, jump right in but be sure to take at least one class a week just for stretching and relaxing.
  • Please do not come to class if you are ill. Get better, rest and then come.
  • Please do not wear perfume of any kind. Please do not eat for 2 hours before your practice. If you need something have some juice or a piece of fruit.
  • Eating well is crucial component to obtaining and maintaining your health.
  • De-Stressing…It is SO important. We can eat healthy, exercise regularly but if we are stressed out it makes the whole mind, body, soul acidic and is counterproductive to our good habits. At Yahweh Yoga you will de-stress…promise!

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Chair yoga has helped people with the symptoms of many health issues including: hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo (medical), multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, clinical depression, and chronic pain. Come and learn many kinds of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and ways of relaxation, with the aid of a chair. ALL LEVELS welcome. Heads up, there is a small cardio section in the middle. We call it a triathlon in a chair;-)

Stretch, Relax & Restore

A totally de-stressing and relaxing experience. Stretching and breathing with most postures laying on the back with comfortable bolsters and blankets that help you relax, center your mind and stretch the body head to toe. Great for everyone…. beginners, prenatal and athletes. We all have to stretch and de-stress regularly. Come and center with Christ, yourself and stretch your body. A perfect class to include in your weekly practice.

Very Gentle Yoga

This class is simply very gentle. You will have a long warm up followed by some uncomplicated standing postures, which will rejuvinate every part of your mind, body and soul. Everything about this class is undemanding yet effective…. Scripture, music, postures…a total self-care treat!

Gentle Journey

A peaceful class that has a long warm-up…then before you realize it… you’re breaking a sweat and working your abs…and your glad! Very Peaceful and yet there is a challenge. The practice is from head to toe. A favorite for sure!

Hot Gentle Journey

We’re turning up the heat on Gentle Journey…but it’s not 105 Degrees like our regular Hot Yoga classes…it’s 95 Degrees. More detoxifying and sweaty than a regular Gentle Journey class, slow flow but more of a challenge that unheated Gentle Journey. The music is designed to take you within to a peaceful & worhipful experience…with a cool vibe. Great for weight lose and maintenance….get the glow! One hour class.

Hot Yoga

Fun funky flows. Let’s purify our bodies and minds together. Sweat it out in this hot flow class meant for all levels and ages. Our Hot Yoga teachers are master Hot Yoga teachers and will rock your world and your body, mind and soul! Sweat it out in this hot flow class designed for Level 1 & 2. Great for weight loss, back care, feelings of rejuvenation…get the glow! One hour class

Sacred Sunday

Come and prepare your mind, body and soul for the week ahead. Empowering through the encouraging Word of God as we calm ourselves, break a sweat and Worship God. This class includes 15 minutes of an encouraging Bible meditation and 45 minutes of Gentle Journey yoga.

Yoga Pilates

This class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates. A flow of both of these great exercises can help with core strength and flexibility. Emphasis on strengthening the core (i.e. abdominal, back, hips, gluteus) using classical mat Pilates exercises followed by yoga poses to increase flexibility. Class begins with a short centering/meditation and ends in savasana (resting pose). A must in your weekly schedule.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga with weights to sculpt your body baby! This class is peaceful and fun! A must in your weekly workout plan! It will get and keep your mind and muscles strong! Designed to tone the muscles and make you smile.