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Seated Forward Bend

Step By Step

  1. Set foundation, sit up straight with legs out long, shoulders back and heart lifts, feet flex.
  2. Strengthen thigh muscles.
  3. Inner spiral, widen thighs and anchor inner edge of legs to floor.
  4. Extend from pelvis core out through feet and up through crown of head.
  5. Then hinge at hips forward and draw your heart down toward the thighs.
  6. Lengthen through the top of the crown.
    1. Benefits

      • Foundational pose for all seated postures.
      • Strengthens and improves endurance of back, leg and arm muscles.
      • Opens chest, hips and groin.
      • Tones abdominal muscles.
      • Increases circulation.
      • Great for spine.


      • Unmedicated high blood pressure.
      • Recent or chronic injury or inflammation of back, shoulders or knees.
      • Acute sciatica (with inflammation).

      Common Misalignments

      • Lumbar kyphosis.
      • Curving the back.
      • Head tucked in too much.
      • Shoulders forward.
      • Leg muscles relaxed.