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Living Waters: Strength in Faith and Friendship Among Yahweh Yoga Grads

They say there’s strength in numbers. A talented group of Yahweh Yoga graduates in Grosse Pointe, MI is finding strength in their numbers; and so much more.

God drew seven women, all from the same vicinity, to train at Yahweh Yoga. Together, they formed Living Waters Yoga, a growing, thriving Christian yoga business and ministry.

The women, Melissa Gray, Ashley Getz, Marna Getz, Heidi Bronwyn, Sarah Holder, YonSon Compton and Myreya Amezcua, draw strength in their pursuits from the Lord–and from one another. “We are each busy moms, and even a grandma, so none of us could take the time to do this alone. But, together, we are a force!”

The story begins in 2007 with Ashley Getz, who returned from Yahweh Yoga teacher training, seeking a place to teach. Melissa Gray offered to host classes in the finished basement of her home. Melissa immediately appreciated the beauty, depth and power of Christian yoga. “Because of my dance background and my desire to see women become strong both physically and emotionally, I felt that Christian yoga was something I was made to do,” she explains.
Melissa, YonSon Compton, and Marna Getz and her two daughters, Ashley Getz and Heidi Bronwyn decided that they, too, would pursue teacher training at Yahweh Yoga. Soon after they graduated, Sarah Holder embarked on her own journey to become a Yahweh Yoga graduate. The group of Yahweh Yoga-trained instructors now boasted six in number.

Each woman learned from Yahweh Yoga’s self-paced, online training modules, then the group headed to Arizona for 15 days of hands-on training. “It was like a dream,” says Melissa. “We learned not only how to teach a yoga class, but how important it was to give of our heart and our own walk with the Lord.”
The Michigan group enjoyed the Arizona mountain hike, the food, the business and marketing training, the friendship with one another and the new friendships they developed during teacher training. The five friends returned to their home state, each certified as a Yahweh Yoga graduate, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Christian Yoga Teacher.

Back home in Grosse Pointe, the group had no predetermined agenda, except to follow God’s direction with their newly acquired training. They drew their company name from the Gospels, based on the Bible’s description of the Holy Spirit as the Living Water that refreshes, renews and restores Christians.
“We didn’t set out saying, ‘Hey, we are going to open a yoga studio.’ We just felt this calling to get certified and to teach and see what happened,” says Melissa. However, they began to see how God had gifted each individual uniquely as they began to work together. “Without each other, we couldn’t do this,” she says.

The friends began holding Yahweh Yoga-style yoga classes in Melissa’s basement every day at 9 a.m. Each took a turn leading the others in their practice, growing their teaching skills in the process. They established a habit of praying together every Monday after class. That prayer time, says Melissa, blessed and guided them for their present and future plans.

Word about their classes began to spread in the community and Living Waters Yoga began to grow. God brought another key member to the burgeoning Living Waters group. Through a mutual acquaintance, they met Myreya Amezcua. She, too, sensed God’s call to teach Christian yoga. The Living Waters women encouraged her to pursue teacher training at Yahweh Yoga. Once Myreya received her certification this summer, she, too, began teaching.
God had grown the group to include seven women; all within a few blocks’ radius of one another. After two years of praying together and waiting for God’s direction, the group’s desire to open a studio grew stronger. They were ready for the next step. God led them to an ideal studio space in an ideal location at an ideal price.

God continues to unfold His plan for Living Waters Yoga and the team of women behind it. Their new studio is slated to open in December 2010.
As the Living Waters group looks forward to operating a Christian yoga studio, they also look back at their training at Yahweh Yoga, where God equipped them for their work and ministry. “Yahweh Yoga was amazing at preparing us for this business,” says Melissa. “May there be more and more trained Yahweh Yoga teachers to go forth in this world to spread the Good News of the hope within us.”

May God continue to bless these valued members of the growing, global Yahweh Yoga Teacher Tribe as they find their strength in Him.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” -Psalm 28:7