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Graduate Story: Robyn Hurst

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher?

I had been practicing and teaching (and loving) yoga for several years, and I wanted to share how wonderful it is with my Christian friends who might not otherwise experience it…When I first began practicing Christian yoga, I went through the same questioning that many Christians do. Luckily, God was faithful to answer my prayers. He assured me that not only was practicing yoga okay, but in many ways, it was a physical representation of the Word.

Also, I wanted to become fully certified, and the program at Yahweh Yoga was the first and only one that fell in line with my beliefs.

What has practicing Christian Yoga meant to your relationship with God?

To say that it has deepened my relationship with God is not entirely accurate, but it has definitely added another layer!!! I love being able to praise God and talk to Him while breathing, sweating, and using this amazing temple during a physical practice that I believe He led me to…my joy and elation are just beyond words. My Christian yoga practice is like a physical metaphor for my life: as I tune in to my body, I tune in to Him…as I breathe through the pose, I breathe through the moment…as I lift my arms up, extending my energy from bottom to top, I lift my arms up in praise to Heaven and receive energy from Him. Many things happen during my Christ-centered yoga practice that I can reflect on and say, “Huh, Robyn, perhaps if you just applied that thing you learned in that moment with God on your mat to this other situation in your life….” Revelation.

What benefits do you receive by practicing Christian Yoga?

Stress relief that is not just temporary. I can breathe and let something go on the mat, but, if I also choose to set it in my Father’s hands, it is gone and lifted away.
A calmer, quieter Spirit, as long as I continue practicing; a lot like remaining in the Word (not ironic at all).

Physical strength and flexibility, but also spiritual strength, because praising God builds strength within our Spirits. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. I literally look to Him, praise Him, and my body becomes more alkaline and strong, by both supernatural and natural means (at least I think so). We are physical and spiritual beings made in His image.

How has Christian yoga helped your health?

Practicing Christian yoga has made me more calm, flexible, and adaptable. Plus, I am so in tune with my body now, that when something seems out of the norm, I notice it right away!

How has Christian yoga helped your personality “off the mat”?

I believe I am more gentle and compassionate. When I might otherwise choose to stress out, I realize that I either need to just sit with something a minute, or breathe through it, or wait to make any adjustment or take any action until I know the full story; and surrender control. This practice helps me “act out” much of what we are commanded in the Bible: being still, laying down my burden, opening my heart, staying with something (perseverance), recognizing an issue without judgment (physical idiosyncrasy in my body), working with it, being content, while still acknowledging a goal and lifting it up to God…and then once again, surrendering control.

What made you choose to study at Yahweh Yoga?

I was teaching for awhile already and wanted to deepen my certification, but I did not feel completely drawn to or comfortable with some of the trainings I researched. One day, I saw the Yahweh Yoga ad in the Yoga Journal and was elated. When I went to the website, I was delighted by the Word popping right off the page. I it left no doubt Whom this yoga was meant to honor. The descriptions of the yoga itself were beautiful. I asked for the two videos for my birthday, hoping that I would love them and could make plans to go to the teacher training.

What was your favorite part of the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Experience?

How can you possibly expect me to narrow that down? So many things come to mind! My favorite part: The wonder of being challenged with yummy, good yoga (by teachers who have a biblical mindset), while worshipping and communing with my Lord in a room filled with like-minded yogis and yoginis! It was amazingly intimate, yet corporate, and totally exhilarating!

How long was it before you began teaching after your training?

I continued teaching secular yoga at a local gym for a few months. As God would have it, my schedule changed and I began teaching Christ-centered yoga just a few months later. I was actually only in the middle of my training at that time (I had to do it in parts). Now I teach three classes per week: two flow classes and one seniors/limited mobility class.

What does teaching Christian yoga mean to you?

It means God is reaching down and helping His people feel better and have another outlet to know Him and be with Him. I am so humbled that I get to be a part of that process. I love sharing what He puts on my heart for His people AND sharing how much fun it can be to conquer a pose and love being in your own skin!

What do you hope people feel when they experience your class?

Intimacy with God. Approval of themselves, and the way He made them. Peace and strength, knowing it comes from Him! Also, getting fired up for Him and with Him, with a community of like-minded believers!

Anything else you would like to share?

I feel so very blessed that God is allowing me to teach Christian yoga. It amazes me all the time. When my students tell me about the benefits and blessings they receive through this, I am just so humbled. How could God use a goofy, flawed chick like me? Isn’t He just the most wonderful and merciful God EVER? Well, of course He is! Hallelujah!

Also, let me just say something to those of you who are considering training, but maybe have some hesitation: First and foremost, pray about it; God will be faithful to answer! If it helps, take this with you: DeAnna and Courtney absolutely embody the best parts of the yoga industry and are shining examples of the love of God and the work of His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit within. God will take care of you, teach you, and speak to you through this amazing adventure! You will learn so much amazing stuff, and these ladies have been well equipped by Him to lead you. So, have no fear; just tons of faith! Step out into those marvelous plans God has for you!

And hey, if you ever come to Branson, Missouri, look me up! I’d love to have you come see whatever show I am in (I perform there). Someday, we hope to have a yoga retreat center and alpaca farm on our property, so perhaps you can have fun with me doing yoga and playing with animals, or in the garden!

Feel free to contact me via: VesselsOfClayYoga@yahoo.com
I am also on Facebook: Vessels of Clay Yoga, LLC and Robyn Koelling Hurst. Feel free to look me up and connect!