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Graduate Story: Myreya Amezcua

Myreya Amezcua: Connecting with God and Others Through Christian Yoga
Yahweh Yoga Graduate and Owner of Connections Yoga, Grosse Pointe, MI

Myreya Amezcua, recent Yahweh Yoga graduate, never dreamed she would teach Christian yoga. It wasn’t part of her original plan. But it was part of God’s plan for her.

Myreya’s regular yoga practice at a local studio exposed her to philosophical concepts she eventually found distracting–and in conflict with–her beliefs as a Christian. An internet search on “Christian yoga” led her to Yahweh Yoga, where she discovered and purchased the Gentle Journey and Faithful Flow DVDs and the book, Christian Yoga: Restoration for Body and Soul. As she began to practice Christian yoga at home, God planted a seed of desire in her heart to teach. However, a back injury shortly thereafter left her wondering and praying.

“How, Lord, can I become a Christian yoga teacher with a bad back?” she asked. She even had to postpone teacher training once because of severe pain. Eventually, Myreya found that her ongoing yoga practice addressed her back pain by strengthening her core and developing healthy spinal alignment. She began to read Christian Yoga. “That was the tipping point,” explains Myreya. “All of my questions [about Christian yoga] were answered.”

Around this time, a mutual friend introduced Myreya to Melissa Gray, Yahweh Yoga graduate and founder of Living Waters Yoga. Incredibly, Melissa lives just five doors down the street from Myreya, and teaches Christian yoga classes in her home-based studio. The friendship that developed between Melissa and Myreya was one more step for Myreya towards teaching Christian yoga.

Myreya enrolled in Yahweh Yoga’s teacher training program, but she initially wondered how robust it would be. She began the online class work. Her studies challenged her to think deeply about her Christian beliefs, strengthened her understanding of biblical doctrine, and helped her to build a foundational knowledge about Christian yoga.

“The hands-on training brought everything full-circle,” explains Myreya. “By the time I left, I was not wondering whether I could be a yoga teacher….I had become one!” After graduation, Myreya took steps toward starting her own Christian yoga business, aptly named Connections Yoga, and began teaching almost immediately.

She engaged Yahweh Yoga’s marketing team to develop the Connections Yoga logo, website and business cards. “They provided the business support I needed. That really sped up the process so I didn’t have to take too much time in finding the right business providers,” she says.

Myreya wasn’t alone as she began teaching Christian yoga. In a way that only God could orchestrate, Myreya joined a closely-knit group of Yahweh Yoga graduates already teaching Christian yoga at Living Waters Yoga, in her hometown of Grosse Pointe, MI.

Within a small radius, God had raised up a group of seven Christian yoga teachers; three of them live on the very same street! They meet every Monday, to pray and plan for the future. In addition to Myreya’s private instruction through Connections Yoga, she now teaches a Faithful Flow class every Friday at Living Waters Yoga.

That group support is a valued part of God’s plan for Myreya to teach Christian yoga–a job that once seemed impossible. “It’s really true,” shares Myreya, “God doesn’t ask more of you than you can handle, and He does equip you for your tasks.”

As Myreya grows Connections Yoga, she hopes her students will grow, too. “Everyone needs something different on any given day, but I hope my students can calm their minds to hear God’s voice,” she shares. “That’s where all good things start; by listening to God. He has a prescription for everything.”

Practicing and teaching Christian yoga has had a big impact on Myreya. She explains it this way: “Mind + Body + Soul = Me,” she says. “Exercising all aspects at the same time, in a conscious way, strengthens all of them, so I can be closer to who God meant me to be.” She says she now spends more time on her relationship with God than ever before. “I believe I’m a better listener, because the physicality of yoga results in a calm mind on and off the mat.” she says. “My friends and family have told me I seem to be more ‘at peace,’ which is wonderful to hear….because I’ve had tumultuous times where peace seemed like a very remote concept.”

Myreya loves to teach Christian yoga and she offers this counsel to anyone who feels the same “tug” towards becoming a Christian yoga instructor. “Don’t hesitate!” she advises. “God will handle the rest. And, you could not be in more capable hands. Yahweh Yoga’s team will assist you every step of the way.”

Today, Myreya Amezcua finds herself in a role she never dreamed possible. She’s living the dream God placed in her heart and enabled her to follow; to become a Christian yoga teacher through Yahweh Yoga. “My teaching Christian yoga is HIS will,” she concludes. “I am so happy to be in service for God’s glory.”