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Graduate Story: Mary Beth Senechel

Why did you decide to become a Christian Yoga Teacher?

Because I love the healing and physical benefits of yoga and to have it intertwined with my Christian faith was a perfect match.

What has practicing Christian Yoga meant to your relationship with God?

It draws me closer to him, not only during my practice, but also outside of my practice, by bringing more of His presence into my life on a daily basis.

What benefits do you receive by practicing Christian Yoga?

My circulation, upper back, neck and knees have all improved. My flexibility and breathing too and of course the spiritual part is also such a huge benefit. The music and the movements help me worship Him with my body, which I never really understood before Christian yoga.

How has Christian yoga helped your personality “off the mat”?

Gaining peace is so huge. I certainly can’t say I have that one completely figured out, not even close, as I would imagine no one has peace ALL of the time. However, as I pray for my students to “take their peace” with them as we finish class it is a constant reminder for me to do that as well. I remember that throughout the day.

What made you choose to study at Yahweh Yoga?

I have to admit that I went into the Yahweh Yoga training a bit blind but with God’s assurance that He wanted me there. I’m not so sure I chose YY as God chose it for me. Looking back now, I realize how blessed I was the He lead me there because the training was fantastic and the overall experience – incredible.

What was your favorite part of the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Experience?

The actual hands on training was awesome because of the way DeAnna and Courtney made everyone feel so loved. We learned so much so quickly and made fast friendships. Needless to say, all the great yoga every day made it an unforgettable experience.

How long was it before you began teaching after your training?

About one week. My training was completed at the end of January of this year and I began teaching on February 1st. I had been working through the previous fall to set up my first classes. Additionally, God has inspired me to start doing Christian yoga retreats up at our cozy place in Pinetop, AZ. What a perfect setting under HIS pines – doing yoga while enjoying the cool, fresh mountain air. Courtney has blessed me by willingly jumping in to help. We will both be teaching a variety of Christian yoga classes during this retreat which is coming up soon on June 4-6th. I can’t wait to see what God brings!

What does teaching Christian yoga mean to you?

It is a ministry, it is a business, it is fun and it is a wonderful way to watch My Sweet Jesus work in my life. He brings the students of His own choosing. I watch the blessings pour forth in the lives of my students and consequently into my life. I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to teach Christian yoga.

What do you hope people feel when they experience your class?

More than anything I pray that they feel God’s presence and His peace. I want them to feel whatever they need physically, too: whether it is healing, strengthening, flexibility or stress relief but more than anything that they would use their God-given body to connect with the one true living God that created that body. If only for a moment that they would feel complete surrender and adoration of Him. That they would feel His complete Love for them.