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Calming Self Doubt

by Joan C Webb

Doubts About Failure–or Success?

Have you ever suspected that you (or a loved one) are not only a little afraid of failure, but apprehensive of success, as well? I have. Self-doubt and the related thoughts and behaviors are no fun for us in today’s economic atmosphere. Neither were they for those who lived when Jesus walked the earth.

Exhausted and discouraged from working (fishing) all night with no success, Simon and his crew decided to take Jesus’ suggestion, even though it seemed pointless. They tried again. Immediately, fish came from seemingly nowhere. They signaled another boat. Filled to the brim with the catch, both boats started to sink with the weight of so many fish.

An amazed Simon Peter begged, “Lord, please get out of here. I’m not good enough for You.”

“Don’t worry, Peter” said Jesus. “From now on, you’ll be working with Me.”

It’s Okay!

Some of us, like Peter, focus on our failures and withdraw. “Be assured that the voices of shame and self-condemnation that speak in our minds with such harshness are not of God,” writes Marsha Crockett in her book Break Through. “These voices are the illusions others have spoken into us. When we accept what they say as the complete truth about ourselves, they keep us from God.”

Peter feared getting close to Jesus because he listened to a faulty inner message. Yet Jesus calmed his fears with words of assurance: “Don’t be afraid to get to know Me and trust Me. I have a plan. We’ll work together, and it’ll be just fine.” (Read Luke 5:8, 10)

Today’s Prayer: Lord, like You did for Peter, please calm my self-doubt.

Making It Personal: Take a step toward God today. He’s right there.