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What is Christian Yoga? By DeAnna Smothers

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

3 John 1:2

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.


Fabulous Friends –

When you hear the question “What is Christian Yoga?”…what comes to your mind?

Many have fears that Christian style yoga will somehow hurt them spiritually and have them worshiping other god’s and such.  If this is you – please know there is no judgment here.  I honor the fact that you care enough to question what it is and totally understand and support this mindset.

I wonder if you would mind taking a moment to read Yahweh Yoga’s answer to “What IS Christian Yoga” and “What IS NOT Christian Yoga”

Just a little background so you know your source – Yahweh Yoga was established in 2005 – the first Christian Yoga Studio/Teacher Training Academy nationally to be set-up by the guidelines and licensure of the department of Arizona State Private Post-Secondary Education and with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School RYS-200/500-a school that has earned a consistent 5-Star rating by our graduates reviews at Yoga Alliance. We did the research, wrote a book and  made the DVDs that have a 5-Star rating on Amazon and customer ratings.

Consistent feedback from more than 2,000 of our teacher training graduates is that they deepened their relationship with God, made a solid shift to consistently living a healthy lifestyle and received a professional yoga education that enriched them beyond any of their expectations was experienced!  We would be so bold to say that Yahweh Yoga has been foundational in helping popularize Christian-style yoga in America and abroad. Our graduates are doing vital work for God’s people all over the country and abroad in mission fields. They amaze us every day.

Bringing it back to answering “What IS Christian yoga?” “What IS NOT Christian yoga?” Why is this question even important? Easy – It’s about your health & quality of life plain and simple.  Practicing a half-hour each day helps you to peace out, come to your center in Christ, listen to some beautiful music, breathe deeply, stretch, move and pray.  This does more for your happiness and well-being than just about anything known to man and medicine. When you are happy and full of well-being it greatly enhances your contribution to your family and world.  A total win-win for everyone.

The mental, physical and spiritual health benefits of regularly practicing yoga are so richly profound that anyone – anywhere- would be extremely hard pressed to find a doctor who wouldn’t recommend yoga to help with almost every ailment out there. Thousands of clinical studies have been documented over the years to confirm the significant  health benefits of practicing yoga…and with Christ added to the practice, it is like nothing else for mind, body, soul health.

“What IS Christian Yoga”

  • It is a health methodology
  • Classes have Christ at the heart of every practice
  • Is a style of yoga designed especially for followers of Jesus
  • Is a class where any and all followers of Christ feel comfortable
  • Is a yoga practice that brings you peace and destresses your life
  • Is a practice that helps you relax, get/stay strong & healthy
  • Is a practice that helps you stay focused on your goals

“What IS NOT Christian Yoga”

  •  Not a religious practice or Theology
  • No classes that include chants, oms, Namaste as a way of prayer
  • Not spiritually dangerous- there is zero chance you are praying to false gods
  •  Not somewhere you have to be” careful”-  because the classes are grounded in Christ
  • Not really for those who are not open to hearing scripture and prayer
  • Not a fad, here to stay and has reached a tipping point nationally
  • Not a practice that leaves you worrying about your problems

What is our focus?

Our heart and intentions give our practice its meaning and purpose. We focus on God.

Yoga is a methodology not a theology. Our theology defines how this method is used. When our worldview, intentions and theology are grounded in the Word of God and we keep our practice centered on Christ, we honor God.

I hope you are excited about the possibilities of Christian style yoga as a way to pursue self-care. Self-care motivated by a primary love for God and others is the most powerful motivation there is!

When we spend time “being” before we get too busy “doing” we center with Christ and have a much better day.

Heavenly Father, Precious Savior, Holy Spirit that dwells within us…thank you for our minds, bodies and souls.  Please help us to consistently take time each day to take care of our health through Christian Style Yoga. Give us the determination, dedication and discipline to take this important time with you on our mats each day.  In your name we pray.