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5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Become a Yahweh Yoga Teacher

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Become a Yahweh Yoga Teacher Do you dread going in? Going somewhere each day you dread takes a toll on your attitude. When you don’t want to go your self talk during preparation to go in can become toxic. How’s your health? …... Read More

Why are supplements important? DeAnna’s Top 6 Supplements

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Hello Friends – People ask me “Why are supplements important”?  I always tell them it’s imperative to  understand the facts about needing vitamins.  We know from doctors and the scientific medical community that we age daily and lose  vital vitamins and minerals daily.  The reason we supplement with vitamins and…... Read More

My #1 Tip for Health

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

My #1 Tip for Health   In my business we discuss mind, body, soul health – obsessively.  Over the past 40 years I have trained approximately 2,000 RYT yoga teachers with an emphasis  on how to take care of their personal health and help others do the same.  We study…... Read More

Quick and Easy Meditation

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Lay down in quiet space. Light a candle and turn off lights. Take 25 deep breathes then begin the below meditation. Try to experience stillness and repeat ……. I am a peaceful soul. I choose to love, forgive, and accept myself just the way I am. I choose to let…... Read More

New Year With No Resolutions

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Here we are….New Year and a New Blog! Let’s talk about all this NEWNESS around the first week of January every year. We all feel freshy fresh and filled with optimism for our NEW RESOLUTIONS! But here’s the thing. Is anyone else intimidated by all these resolutions? I assume immediately…... Read More