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Yahweh Yoga Update! You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers.

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Where are you located now? We have partnered with Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) for Teacher Training’s only. We are located in a brand new facility that is only two years old – Everything is state-of-the- art including classrooms, yoga studio, medicinary (for snacks & salads), indoor/outdoor eating court…... Read More

Easter Blessings from Yahweh Yoga Co-Founders

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Check Out A Special Easter Message From Co-Founders of Yahweh Yoga Click Below https://youtu.be/Qg1LBU4xofU  ... Read More

A Day in the life of Teacher Training At Yahweh Yoga

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

A sneak peak into an average day at our RYT Teacher Training Our Teacher Training home is located at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Checking in at front desk The yoga room DeAnna and Courtney are here to welcome you Class in session   Morning prayer and meditation   A…... Read More

5 Health Reasons Why We Should Meditate By Courtney Chalfant

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Science has specifically shown that meditation can help with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety Meditation makes you happy! Scientists are suggesting that behavioral interventions like MSBR could be used as a therapy for people with chronic inflammatory conditions—that means asthma, arthritis, IBS and many, many more! Meditation helps…... Read More

What is Christian Yoga? By DeAnna Smothers

Posted by: Courtney Chalfant

Fabulous Friends – When you hear the question “What is Christian Yoga?”…what comes to your mind? Many have fears that Christian style yoga will somehow hurt them spiritually and have them worshiping other god’s and such.  If this is you – please know there is no judgment here.  I honor…... Read More