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A Perfect Raw (mostly) / Vegan Food Plan for Radiant Health

I’m beginning to view pursuing radiant health as something that is really fun and challenging, instead of “work”. Being radiantly healthy is much different that being pretty healthy, it makes you literally glow from the inside out and that means we shine more for Him.

I’ve been so taken lately by Matthew 5:13 which says “Let me tell you why you are here. Here’s another way to put it: “You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world . I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand – shine”.

Additionally, my friend and I have been studying Joyce Meyer’s The Battlefield of the Mind. I am seeing that we allow the enemy to entice us with strongholds such as focusing on toxic thoughts and human “reasoning” of the flesh first, then actions of the flesh that continue to help us destroy ourselves..you know, eating too much, drinking too much, judging too much, not trusting enough.

I love Joyce Meyer’s statement “I had exhausted every way I knew of to destroy myself” when describing the shift that happened for her when she realized she didn’t have to believe every thought that dropped into her head – that if the thought didn’t align with scripture, then toss it. If the food and drink weren’t something that would upgrade her health, she didn’t want to partake. That she finally realized to shine her brightest, she had to exercise and take care of her physical form. We have free choice, such a gift especially when used wisely. The Book of Proverbs is the book of wisdom in the Bible, whatever is there is the way to live in order to experience the best possible. By the way, have you seen Joyce Meyer lately, she looks better than ever!

My big Ah Ha moment was when I realized after studying Proverbs that if I choose not to live that way, that I am being disobedient, something that hurts my soul because I know it will not please my sweet Savior. The mind shift I have had is motivated primarily by a desire to be obedient at a higher level. Have you seriously read Proverbs and what it has to say about eating and drinking too much? It’s pretty clear that our mind, body and soul health are seriously important to God. No guilt now, He wouldn’t like that. I just want to move forward to brightly shine and glow for Him and it’s fun seeing what thought patterns, foods, drink and activities help me do that best. Right now I’m kinda glowy, but I have some serious room for growth and I’m excited!

God’s Word instructs us to shine, it even goes so far as to say that that’s why we are here. I realized a year or so ago – finally wonder of wonders, that I could not shine radiantly for God, myself, my family, friends, profession with a toxic mind, body and soul AND that I had them all! Not to an extreme mind you, for I have been progressing to a healthier mind and mostly raw for a while now and lost about 30 pounds and started feeling amazing! But then I got complacent for a while and stayed where I am, now I am ready for the next level.

Anyhow, I realized that for me living a mostly raw 90%/Vega Lifestyle helped me shine more radiantly for God, drop unwanted pounds fast and the lifestyle itself delivers a glow that cannot be achieved with a diet of toxic thoughts not in agreement with scripture, cooked foods and animal food and dairy no matter how you cut it. But it’s organic meat you say, yes so it doesn’t have hormones and pesticides that’s good, but it still clogs your arteries, sorry.

Here’s how my radiantly glowing friends typically live their lives each day and when I do it I am radiant too! I’m trying to do this six days a week. It’s a fabulous lifestyle and with delicious food and you have all kinds of energy.

  • Go to bed early enough to get 8 full hours sleep.
  • Awaken early enough to have some alone time and unhurried morning tea/coffee at least 6 days per week
  • Practice Christian yoga in any form 6 times per week, Rest & Restore, Gentle, Flow, Power…mix it up if you like.
  • Read and listen to inspirational music/messages on CD/Dads by Christian people they admire in the car, home, walking, Christian yoga.
  • Hang around other like individuals. Joining a Christian yoga studio/group is one way to do that.
  • Have no more than 2 cups of coffee/tea in the morning…organic, of course
  • Have a vegan Pea Protein drink in fresh home made almond milk with berries each day preferably 45 minutes after practice or working out, this is key. Vegans need protein and creamy taste, this was the missing link for me to move ahead.
  • Have two large fresh organic green juices per day, or one juice and one green smoothie..best juicer for fast preparation and clean-up – Breville
  • Eat a delicious greens salad with some raw goat cheese, organic sunflower seeds, avocado, tomatoes, any kind of veggie you like, everyday!
  • Find restaurants that are organic and dressings that you like there. After a meal at the restaurant, bring home some side orders of dressing for your week’s salad.
  • Most radiantly healthy people don’t eat bread very much at all but if they do Once In A While, it’s Ezekiel
  • Most love chocolate and learn how to make the recipe below for yummy raw dehydrated chocolate macaroon’s.
  • I also love making Popsicles with fresh organic almond milk/raw organic cocoa powder/coconut/stevia or other negligible insulin spike sweeters, this makes very yummy Popsicles; just get yourself a set of Popsicle holders, put ingredients in a blender, pour into Popsicle holder, put in freezer 4 hours and voila’! You can also just juice any fruit and pour it in the holders.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of reverse osmosis water or pure water everyday. This keeps toxics moving through and out your body.
  • Once a week, my very radiantly glowy friends pretty much eat what they want, but not to extreme as toxics get you to crave more toxins. So if you are going to indulge, do it lightly and be mindful that you want radiant health and too many toxins will quickly steel your radiance.
  • Read a book you like before bed, dare to just read for enjoyment.
  • Be obedient to Scripture, take the time to learn it better. The Book of Proverbs is the book of wisdom in the Bible. Just start there. Whatever it says is true and righteous.

My radiantly healthy friends all have their vitamin k2, B12, Thyroid, D3 levels checked annually and if they need these commonly needed supplements, they purchase them from Life Extension because they are the cleanest around and they are reasonable in price. You can get your blood tests there too.

Thinking of you all, sending love and peace your way.


Delicious Raw Chocolate Macaroons

3 cups unsweetened organic dried coconut
1 1/2 cups raw organic cacao powder
1 cup raw organic light agave or raw organic yacon syrup or Stevia to taste
1/2 cup raw organic coconut oil
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Mix, roll into balls, dehydrate at 115 degrees for 12 to 24 hours
Lower the temp or shorten the time for softer macaroons
For those without dehydrators place on lowest temp in oven for several hour
They are good even without dehydration, just fresh!